Forum Rules

The forum rules are simple and for everyone’s fun. Our goal is to have a nice discussion environment for all of our friends and followers to discuss our games.
  • Be Civil and No Offensive Material
    There’s no reason to be hateful, post NSFW material or vulgar language, participate in trolling, flaming, or any kind of harassment. It won’t be tolerated and can result in deletion of posts up to the banning of your account.
  • No Direct Advertising
    This isn’t the place for it, don’t bring it here. Posts will be deleted, accounts will be banned, parties will be held without you.
  • No Spamming
    Get your thoughts together and compile them in one post or reply. No one needs to make multiple consecutive replies, nor do we need you replying to every topic with the exact same thing.
  • Do Not Disclose Your Personal Information
    This one really should go without saying. We’re not going to ask you for your personal information, nor should anyone else here, so don’t hand out your info to anyone. Sharing social media contacts, gamertags, etc is one thing, but the secret PIN on your security deposit box is not.
  • Stay On Topic
    This is just to keep the flow of the forums. If you’re in the MUD topic, talking about how the Lakers are doing this season, is not the place.