Across three days, July 18-19th, hundreds of visitors came from all over to experience the indie games in development at Gamescape, part of Baltimore’s Artscape 2015. With over 17 indie game developers on site, people got to play a number of games from all different genres at varying stages of completion. Everything from puzzle, adventure, role-playing, and even games featuring virtual reality technology were on display for people play.

For us, this was the first time showcasing MUD to a large audience. Players lined up to be the first to get their hands on our new open-world sandbox adventure game! People immediately were drawn to the art style and loved hearing about the game’s features and our development progress. It was awesome seeing players getting some good time with the game and the actions they would take against the mobs, the world, and especially each other. Many players immediately wanted to craft weapons to go and kill animals in the world, then, if they stumbled upon the other player, there would be a battle to the death. Some players naturally teamed up and wanted to explore together. They found that they could survive in the world longer as a team, and began building and crafting together. It was great for us to take the feedback and experiences from Gamescape back to the office and start working on some new features and tweaks for MUD.

MUD on Steam Greenlight

We also launched our Steam Greenlight campaign for MUD last week. In less than a week, we made the top #15!  We hope to be Greenlit by Valve soon! Please continue to support us by sharing our campaign on your social media outlets to get MUD on Steam! Check the link below to watch our new trailer and find out more about MUD.

We’ll have a dedicated post for our Steam Greenlight progress soon.