Night has fallen and Alarca and Geor are still speaking with the others. I tried to join them but Geor ushered me back to my room assuring me all was right and that I should rest. It’s frustrating sitting here not knowing what horrors take place just beyond the turn in the road.It has started to rain and now that it is darker I can see light coming from fires burning in the town. I can smell the smoke it is an ugly smell of burning wood and who knows what else. I feel that I should know better but I am curious as to what is going on. I want to know.

If only they would tell me what was happening.

My window is only a short distance from the ground I could easily slip away and make my way to the town. By writing the previous sentence I feel that my decision has been already made. I will pack a few provision and jump from my window. I feel almost as excited as I did when I slipped away from the others and into the cave.

I suppose this could easily be my last entry in this worn journal. If that is the case, I hope what I have written has meaning for someone beyond myself. I would appreciate my journal be given to Dermond. I have caused him great harm but I hope that even in spite of this he would call me his friend.