After arriving back at the inn earlier this morning I tried to rest but the images of the previous night haunted my dreams. I sat on the edge of the bed and  waited until I heard Alarca and Geor shuffling about, to join them downstairs.

I told them of what I had seen the previous night. I told them of the fire and smoke and of the giant and his wicked blade. They listened intently with worried eyes. After I had finished my story they both stood in silence. Geor spoke first.

He told me the raiders I had seen last night were marsh folk that lived to west of here. He told me that they had come before and the town would always plead for protection from these raiders however, they had very little to offer in terms of payment. Even when help came it was always too late and the raiders had fled to the safety of the marsh and would not return until the town’s would be protectors had left.

I told Geor and Alarca of my intentions to find help for the town and its people. With a deep sigh Geor spoke to me of a man that may able to help. The Warden they called him.

Dermond is still too weak to travel. It will be strange to travel by myself.