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Deep Dive

Today, we take that precarious step of nudging our new game, Deep Dive, out of its crib!

Deep Dive is part 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, part Tales of Cthulhu, and a little bit of The Abyss, all rolled up into an addictive endless runner for […]

Controls for Mobile Games: A Mikey Shorts Case Study

I really like side-scrolling platform games.  But I hate playing them on the phone.
One of the commonly shared problems among these games is the poorly implemented controls.  Yes, I’m talking about virtual joysticks and directional pads in mobile games.  I’m not saying these controls err […]

Networking Tips

Networking is really difficult for me but I’ve learned a couple things that have helped make it easier. There’s nothing more terrifying than being thrown into a room full of strangers and then having to pitch your agenda without coming off like a snake. I’m […]

Hurricane Sandy

Our office opened after a two-day closure, and we are very grateful and lucky to say that we came out unscathed from Hurricane Sandy! Baltimore City, in general, seems to have been spared the destruction seen in places like New Jersey and New York. Our […]

Vision Quest

Person A: “So, what do you do?”

Me: “I’m a producer at a game company.”

Person A: Cool…

A long beat as we look down at our drinks.

Person A: So… what do you do?

What does a producer do? I know I didn’t know the answer until I actually started […]

Rubbing Shoulders – Brainstorming do’s and don’ts

Group brainstorming is a delicate business. Since joining Pure Bang two years ago, I created a few brainstorming guidelines for myself. The general rule is, “Don’t be THAT guy.” Trust me–I’ve been that guy, and I think that guy really sucks. He’s a real buzzkill.

1. […]

The Perfect Balance

Shigeru Miyamoto, in a conversation with Dragon Quest designer, Yuji Horii, states that he always plans to reduce the difficulty of his games by 20%. These types of numbers tend to be arbitrarily derived from experiences unique to each developer (and Miyamoto himself jokes that […]

Rise of an Icon

Have you tried getting noticed on the Apple app store lately?

There are over 700,000 active apps in the apple app store. Out of those apps, 126,628 are games.  Last month alone, 1,257 games appeared in the app store, with an average of 97 games released […]

New and Improved!

Since the end of Gamescape, we’ve been spending the last week improving Super Nut Jump based on the feedback that we received.  Listening to players is the easy part.  The really hard part is figuring out how to actually use that feedback to improve the […]

Gamescape is Over / What We Learned!

Despite the stormy weather, this year’s Gamescape was the best one yet! We owe a huge thanks to the Baltimore Office of Promotions and the Arts for their belief and support in the event.  Marisol Lopez, in particular, deserves much of the credit for pulling […]