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Excerpt from the Field Journal of Dr. Alex Ritter – Pt. 3

My memories of the time after the incident in the cave were fractured into pieces by the flat of Dermond’s sword. I shall do my best to recount what befell us.

I opened my eyes. Surprising, so surprising for I had believed in the cave that my time was at an end. I was propped against the trunk of a large […]

(Prologue) Notes and Observations – Day 3

This afternoon we broke our steady march to water the horses and rest our feet. Dermond led the cart off the path and, after passing through a thick grove of trees, I was pleased to discover he had brought us to the bank of a swiftly coursing brook. While my companions dipped their feet in the cool water, Dermond took […]

(Prologue) Notes and Observations – Day 2

I was torn from a web a dreams that night by the howl of a beast. I lit the small lantern I had requisitioned from the university and, drawing a cloak around my shoulders, stepped from my tent. My companions had done the same. They blinked owlishly, one brandishing a cooking pot as a weapon in front of him. At […]

(Prologue) Notes and Observations – Day 1

Just outside of the city and a few paces off the main road I stumbled across a beautiful bloom of wildflowers, they were many colored and slightly angular. They grew in connected patches away from the shade. I thought I knew all the plant life in and around this city and did not expect to discover something new so soon […]

Excerpt from the Field Journal of Dr. Alex Ritter – Pt. 2

I have only fragments of memories from my time in the cave: noises, screams, breath in the dark, the thick and rich smell of rot, the unearthly glow of the mushrooms deeper within… I shall try to recount them as best as I am able.

It was dark. I could barely see. My eyes, they were useless in this darkness black […]