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Excerpt from the Field Journal of Dr. Alex Ritter – Pt. 1

Day 1:

This is my first time out of the city and I am equally nervous and excited. We departed early in the morning before the sun had risen above the city walls. The wagon moved slowly but steadily through the muddy ruts of those who had come this way before. After traveling south until midday, our guide Dermond, turned the […]

Game Developers Conference 2015

Hello all!

The Game Developers Conference 2015 in San Francisco, California is next week!

We’ll be sending our CEO Ben Walsh from the east coast to the west coast with a demo of MUD to show off to everyone. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing feedback on our progress of the game.

The past week has been quite the trial for […]

Five Key Bootstrapping Strategies for Startups

Hello all,

Recently, our CEO Ben Walsh was invited to a panel at the Millennial Developers Summit hosted by Millennial Media last month. After the event, he gave an interview to regarding fundraising and bootstrapping your business. Below, you can listen to the complete interview, view the full article here, or just read the key points from the article below.


Here […]

Baltimore Innovation Awards

We were recently nominated for two categories at the 2014 Baltimore Innovation Awards. Pure Bang Games was nominated for “Best Locally-Designed Indie Video Game” for Deep Dive and our CEO Ben Walsh was nominated for his work with Gamescape under “Artist/Creative Group of the Year”. The events ran all week and culminated in an awards meeting at Under Armour’s HQ […]

Deep Dive

Today, we take that precarious step of nudging our new game, Deep Dive, out of its crib!

Deep Dive is part 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, part Tales of Cthulhu, and a little bit of The Abyss, all rolled up into an addictive endless runner for iOS and Android.  You discover legendary treasures and monsters, while competing against your friends and […]